The YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I didn’t quite know what image would be appropriate for this blog post, so here are some photos from SITC 2019. Lol.

Let’s Talk Youtube.

As you probably know, I love a bit of YouTube. I’ve been on the site for nearly a decade (dear lord) making videos and watching videos. It’s an amazing platform. I’m always trying to find new content creators, and it seems that you are too as I am always getting messages asking for creator recommendations. I thought I’d compile a list of my current favourite creators, all of whom continue to inspire and educate me.

I’ve organised everyone into loose categories, so you can find the kind of content you are looking for. I hope this helps you find some new channels!


HeyClaire – my OG favourite lifestyle channel. I adore Claire’s content.

Georgia Meramo – the best minimal/neutral style inspo. Also a great pal.

Lizzy Hadfield – maybe the best style in West London?? If you can think of anyone better I’ll fight you

ClothesNBits – I love love LOVE her style. Amazing outfit videos.

Gemary – lots of videos on slowing down her style purchases, making trends work for your current wardrobe and lovely minimal/neutral aesthetic.

I Covet Thee – Alix is forever my style inspiration. Great videos on style and beauty.

BestDressed – she is genuinely the funniest fashion creator.

Amy Lee – The AM with Amy is still one of my favourite series on the platform. Candid, sometimes funny, but always insightful.

Sammi Maria – I’ve followed her for as long as I’ve been on YouTube! An amazing London style vlogger.

The Anna Edit – one of the nicest ladies in the business and the best capsule wardrobe videos on the site!

Patricia Bright – If you don’t subscribe to Patricia already then I really don’t know what to do with you.

Melanie Murphy – body image, food, lifestyle chats. Very kind, realistic and relatable.

Wear I Live – sustainability in New York.

Elena Taber – a girl in New York living her best life.

Violette_FR – inspiring French & New York beauty, style and wellness content.

Gina Shkeda – Amazing, cinematic makeup tutorials.

Jasmine Rossol – love love LOVE her editing!

Lindseyrem – She does great, realistic what I eat in a week vids, among lots of other lifestyle content.

Productivity/Self Care/Uni

Rowena Tsai – one of my favourite channels at the moment. Loads of reflective productivity and self care advice.

Eve Cornwell – videos about studying law, and her general life documented in between. Obsessed with her vids and v tempted to buy a Millennial Coffee Club hoodie.

Jordan Clark – I love her journal videos.

Oh no nina – Productivity day in the life videos!

MuchelleB – Muchelle’s life audit videos are a godsend.

Matt D’Avella – of course.

Jusuf – cute videos to encourage your productivity and self-care.


ClickForTaz – Hilarious, honest and a bit ridiculous. I love her.

Ben Morris – Some of the best “I did _ for a week” videos. Really well documented and edited – also v funny.

WillNE – does dumb stuff for views. It’s great but don’t tell him I said that.

Nathan Zed – Self-acceptance and growth vlogs without dumb rain sound and cliches. Also v funny.

Elle Mills – candid, honest and hilarious.


Rachel Ama – vegan deliciousness.

Nina Montagne – calming videos on gut health, anxiety and what she eats in a day.


Tiffany Ferg – her Internet Analysis series has taught me all about MLMs and VSCO girls in a matter of months.

Leena Norms – I’m sure most people know my old podcast pal Leena, but if not then you’re going to love her videos on books, politics and general thought-provoking stuff.

Vlogbrothers – the OGs.


Nerdwriter – amazing video essays on culture.

Jake Zeeman – video essays on hip-hop. his Mac Miller retrospective made me cry (in a good way).

Volksgeist – more great hip-hop video essays.

The Most Unruly – and even more great hip-hop video essays.

Middle 8 – even more music essays. Love their Jai Paul episode.

Jay Foreman – If you’ve ever wanted to learn about London, or maps in general, he’s your guy.

Geoff Marshall – I have learned everything I know about the Tube from his channel.

Vox – educational channel about world politics, history, culture and everything in between.

TL;DR News – keep up with politics in a fun, non-intimidating way.

Hannah Witton – want to know about sex and stomas? Look no further.

Negative Feedback – everything you need to know about film photography, beautifully shot and edited.


COLOURS – Arguably the best music series on YouTube? My favourite is Doja Cat singing Juicy.

UMI – spiritual singer with a lush voice.

Audrey Mika – genuinely sounds like Ariana Grande?? Idk how

Alice Kristiansen – voice of an angel.

Ysmn – makes covers in her bedroom with her guitar and a sampler thing. Love it.

Brand Channels/Editorial

Glossier – endless beauty inspiration from their morning routines.

Vogue – their celebrity beauty routines are fab.

The New York Times – I love their Diary Of A Song series, and their Retro Reports.

Never Too Small – tiny houses across the world and how they designed them.

Architectural Digest – What can I say, I love nosing around celebrity homes.

Elle – Their Song Association series gives me life. It’s impossible not to play along.

Glamour – Two words: Money Tours.

First We Feast – it’s never not funny watching celebs eat spicy chicken.


  1. September 26, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    I LOVE Tiffany Ferg, she’s so undderrated. A similar channel I like is Ready to Glare x

  2. October 12, 2019 / 3:46 pm

    Hey! Loved the blog post. I was wondering if you could maybe write a piece about your favourite bloggers at the moment? I find it a little difficult to find people still writing in such a similar way to yourself and would love to know if you have any inspirations! Thanks, Jess x

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