Setting Some 2019 Goals For The Next Four Months


The 2019 Home Stretch

I don’t know why, but I find it really hard to set goals. I bought a goals journal two months ago, and the one time I went to a coffee shop with the sole purpose of filling it out, I started panicking and had to leave. It’s time I got over this. With the nature of my job, it’s arguably more important for me to keep track of where I’m headed and what I’m aiming for as there is no one else to hold me accountable long-term.

I lost my bullet journal in the house move and I haven’t exactly been excited to track it down, however the other day I was digging around the boxes under my bed and I found both the bullet journal, and the regular journal I’ve been keeping for the past couple of years. I had a glance through, and it seems that the last time I made a tangible, clear goals list was in January 2018. I also made some vague life notes back in March, with a list that consisted of statements such as, “I’d like a positive change of direction in my work.” Really haven’t been making a big effort with the goals thing, have I?

Anyway, I think it’s time for this to change. I’m feeling good about my life in general, but I think I’d benefit from some work and life parameters. Some guidance for my next steps that can inform the direction I take in the new year. I spent a lot of 2018 and 2019 feeling a bit lost with everything other than my personal life, so now I’m out of the woods it would be nice to put some measures in place to hopefully make sure I don’t end up back there again.

September is the back to school life admin moment of the year, after all. So with that in mind, here are my 2019 goals.


  • Strengthen my additional sources of income. This is a long term goal that will take me through 2019 as well, but I want to start working on it now. My amazing friend Hannah talks about her income breakdown every year, and for a couple of years, her main source of income has come from working on branded content. My pie chart looks very similar, as I’m sure many influencers’ charts do. I remember reading her 2018 breakdown and noting that she was worried about brand deals making up 80% of her income, and to feel stable, she wanted to increase her other sources of income. I feel like I’m in that same place now. Some branded work is amazing, but some of it is really challenging to make and negotiate, and at the end of the day, I don’t want to promote multiple products and services a month on my YouTube channel. The occasional video is fine, and I like doing Instagram work, but I would love to reach a point where I’m no longer reliant on video brand deals to keep paying the bulk of my salary!
  • Get more organised. There was a point in 2018 and 2019 when I was nearly always on top of what I had to do. I had my weekly schedule written and ready for me every week so I knew what to work on almost hour by hour each day. This was incredibly helpful to me, yet for some reason it slipped and now I find myself wondering what needs to get done nearly every day when I wake up. It means I start my mornings more slowly, and ultimately I feel less productive. I’m hoping to start a new bullet/work journal and get my weekdays sorted!


  • Start journalling again. I kept a journal from the ages of eight to eighteen, but once I started living in a shared house my desire to write down my intimate thoughts on paper understandably made me a little afraid, and so my journalling had a sad demise. Recently, however, I’ve had a desire to make some time for myself to pick up the pen again. It was so good for my brain, as someone that rarely talks to friends and family about how I’m feeling until after the fact. It makes me feel more creative, too. And selfishly, I love reading back my old ones and want to keep noting down memories for my future self to laugh at.
  • Write some damn songs. This is another thing that died off, this time after my last relationship ended. I’ve always been a songwriter, it’s my favourite way of creating, and so it feels like there’s a little hole in my life from when songwriting left. I’m going to aim to write one song a week, just for fun and games.
  • Keep exercising. I know that might seem like a weird goal, but I’ve never been able to maintain any kind of exercise schedule or plan. I’m working out once to three times a week at the moment, and if I can keep that up until Christmas I’ll have formed a really sweet habit and it will make me proud of my weird ol’ body.
  • Reduce my drinking. A personal one, but I thought it might be helpful for some if I share it. I’ve been noticing the frequency and quantity of my alcohol intake increasing this year, and during summer it hit a high I haven’t reached since university. Drinking four nights a week or more isn’t sustainable for me in the long term; it disrupts my sleep, I get more anxious, my skin breaks out, my gut health plummets – not to mention that the number of times I’m a dick when I drink increases, and I worry my friends like me a little less. It’s nowhere near as bad as things were when I went sober, but to avoid it ever reaching that place, I think I need to have an internal check-in. I’m strongly considering doing Sober October, but alongside that the main aim is to have more nights off than nights on each week. It’s so easy to reach for a glass of wine every evening, but it doesn’t do my body any good, so time to kick the habit!
  • Decorate the flat. I adore our new flat, but at the moment it does need a bit of work when it comes to decoration. I want to sort out the living room and the kitchen before December. It’s a win-win as I can also make some sweet YouTube vids out of it.

Let’s bring back Hannah’s hashtag on Twitter and IG – let me know your #2019HomeStretch goals!


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  1. Raquel
    September 24, 2019 / 9:33 am

    Lucy , I confess I have been feeling very disatached to ur YouTube channel lately ..i just can’t make myself watch ur grwm even though I like u a lot as an influencer. However , I love ur blog..its the only one I keep up, something about ur honest but delicate writing really draws me in. so please please don’t stop writing even if ur engagement here is far lower. Keep bringing this personal but improtant topics to the table and those lovely photographs

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