Do We Need To Start Practising Slow Beauty?

Did I need to start using that fourth toner?

There’s nothing I love more than trying new makeup. I always book in at least an hour on holiday for waltzing into Sephora and spritzing, swatching and sampling my way through products I haven’t tried before. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the new mega-Boots’ that have opened recently with the expanded product selection. I’m always trying to find the best formula that sits with my skin as opposed to on top of it, or the shade that makes total sense with my undertones. It’s like adult playtime for me. However, over the past year I have become a lot more conscious of my waste footprint, if you can call it that. I am trying to be more mindful of how many products I open just to swatch, and as much as I love the PR parcels I receive, how I can donate the new products with shades I know I already have dupes of, or already-open version of, to women’s shelters, friends and family.

In addition, another focus of mine has been using up the products I have already opened. For years, I have had an annual cull and thrown away a guilt-inducing number of products that are only half-used, as they are past their expiry date. I’m not proud of it. It’s the classic, “I’ve just been sent the most incredible moisturiser, I’ll just try it once,” and then my current one gets sidelined as the new one becomes a part of my everyday routine. Then another one comes through my door the next month, and the cycle continues. A lot of it is about novelty, I guess. However, unlike other toys you can pick up again later, the sheer number of products I would like to try just doesn’t work when you factor in the expiration dates they come with, and the waste created when half-finished bottles and tubs are eventually binned en mass.

I guess you could call this new approach “slow beauty”? In an industry full of new launches and innovation, and one in which I, the influencer, am expected and excited to try many things, being slow is challenging. I’m determined to try, though. I’m going about it by modifying the approach to beauty I’ve picked up over the past few years. I’m going to buy more products myself, ones I genuinely like and finish again and again. I’m going to ask myself to be mindful when opening the new launches that comes through my letterbox. Is this something I need? Will my audience benefit from me trying and reporting back on this product? Who would be able to, and want to, take my once-used product? Or does it offer something I don’t already have in my collection?

I’m sure a lot of people don’t face this problem. In fact, unless you’re wild on beauty like some of us, I doubt its even crossed your mind. However, if you are like me, and love to sample every product that crosses your path, I invite you to take a more considered approach to purchasing new products. Perhaps we can reduce our ecological beauty footprint by not opening that fourth mascara that we know will have dried out before we can finish it. Let’s be conscious consumers!

In the spirit of slow beauty, I thought I’d round up this post by sharing the makeup products I have been using nearly everyday for the first half of the year. These are tried-and-tested, definite repurchases, and if you are looking to replace any used or expired products, I would heartily recommend these guys.

My go-to base has been a combination of Milk Makeup products; I’ve used the Flex Concealer for years now, it’s the closest cruelty-free contender I’ve found to challenge the NARS Creamy Concealer of dreams. However, the newest discovery in my Milk Makeup adventure is the Sunshine Skin Tint. It’s incredible, and has quickly become one of my staple foundations. It offer light coverage for days when you want simple radiance. A go-to for me, and has been since Spring. Unfortunately it isn’t yet available in the UK, but add it to your list if you’re visiting the US anytime soon.

I’m really into bronzer at the moment, and I really rate the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan. It is a great light shade that suits my undertones down to the ground, and it comes in beautiful packaging with a huge mirror in the compact. It’s also really good value for money – you get so much product. For highlighter, my everyday glow is, unsurprisingly, coming from Glossier Haloscope. That glossed-up shine has been a long term favourite of mine. Some things never change. If I need to neutralise shine, I have been reaching for the Marc Jacobs Accomplice Blurring Powder, which has become a saviour of long days and nights for me.

And now, to eyes. Brows are always and forever Glossier’s Boy Brow, and now I’m using the new brow pen alongside it to define my eyebrows and add fullness and personality. For lashes, I’m in love with the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I picked it up recently to keep at my boyfriend’s house, however I ended up leaving another mascara there and keeping this one for regular use. I regret nothing. I love a good eyeshadow, but my two favourite palettes at the moment are the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Palette in Glambition and the BareMinerals Gen Nude Palette in Latte. Both palettes offer impressive pigmentation from all shades, and blend like a dream.

For lips, I switch between a couple of products depending on my mood. I’m forever a fan of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip balm range, as it offers moisture at a good price and isn’t just a weird Vaseline shield that doesn’t improve anything, just stops your lips from getting worse. The Charlotte Tilbury Super Model lipstick has been a staple in my handbags since it was released – if you’re looking for a cool, natural taupe, I can’t recommend it enough. The Glossier Vinylic Lip is my go-to night-out lip product; they last really well, fading out instead of going blotchy, and keep your lips hydrated however much coffee or alcohol you are consuming. I love the wine red shade Bank, I wear it all the time.

Keeping an eye on our ecological footprint can be hard, but I’m challenging myself to do better, especially in light of my role on the internet as a cruelty-free beauty lover. Do you do anything to keep an eye on your beauty waste? Is there anything you hope to do better? Let me know in the comments!


  1. July 3, 2019 / 10:32 pm

    This is really interesting because I’ve been reflecting a lot on this too and have completely stripped it back to just few products and eally treasuring the now less that I have. Still love playing around with stuff but instead of trying 5 new things each month I’m just sticking to either 1 or waiting for something to be finished. Just not worth the money or all that plastic and packaging either!

  2. Nina
    August 1, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    I want to recommend Jare Iredale as make up brand. I know the price is very high. But their powder products do not expire because there are no additives. I do not wear make up every day but I do love it. So once in a while I buy something new and I do not feel so guilty because I will be able to keep using it until it is empty, even if this takes some years.
    For skincare, I usually stick to the same products but I was alternating between a BB cream and another day cream, I had to toss the BB cream because it turned bad. So in this area, I need to pay better attention.

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