Hi there! I’m Lucy Moon, a twenty two year old vlogger, blogger, podcast host and grapefruit enthusiast. What started with a fourteen year- old girl wanting to document the parties she was going to has become a full time career in which I document my life and the things I am learning. I promise that the 2017 incarnation has less Hadouken.

I speak about things that affect me as a twentysomething woman finding her feet in adulthood, whether that’s feminism, self-confidence or the many fuckboys I have encountered. I’m often referred to as an older sister figure; however I feel I am much more like a friend as I experience these things alongside my audience, not ahead of them.

I love creating. I make music, film videos and take photographs all the time. There’s no music out yet, but while you’re waiting you can check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram to see the kind of things I get up to.

Did I mention I cohost a podcast? It’s called Banging Book Club, where my friends Hannah, Leena and I discuss books about sex and gender once a month. I’d highly recommend it.

I am an R&B obsessive and beauty junkie who is happiest when listening to a new album or trying a new product. As a Londoner, you’re most likely to find me at the Saatchi Gallery, lurking in Space.NK or eating ramen at Bone Daddies when I’m not working.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment, I’d love to hear your feedback.